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Registration is totally free and doesn’t imply any obligations. You will discover into our network several crowdsourcing solutions to meet your need for corporate innovation.

What you need for your business processes?


  • Show me projects (startup) able to innovate business processes.

The cell

  • If have an idea and I am looking for a specialized team to develop, validate and implement my innovation.


  • Introduce me to strategic partner to validate my business innovation, i want design and launch a crowdfunding campaign to test my innovation on the market.

Enzymes is built around your needs
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The Satellite
What we can do for your business

  • We evaluate in our network the most valid and disruptive innovation that meet your investment and requirement criteria.
  • We select together ideas and team to follow to implement new innovating processes.
  • We involve teams in a mentoring path from the design phase to the market launch phase.


The Cell
What we can do for your business

  • f you have already an idea or an innovative product to develop, we look for talent, teams or startup that fits best for the development of your innovation corporate strategy.
  • We guide the team in the complete definition and optimization of the innovative idea, from customer development to product / marketing fit

What we can do for your business

  • We design together your crowdfunding campaign to to test your innovation on the market.
  • We connect you with our network of Venture Capital, Business Angel and Institutional Funds to accelerate the scalability of your innovation.

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